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69Sexual position in which both partners orally satisfy each other at the same time
Anal massageSexual stimulation of the anus by massaging the anus as well as the internal areas
Anal intercourse (AV)Insertion of the erect male penis into the anus of the sexual partner, vulgo: assfuck
AO sexunprotected intercourse
BDSM Sadomasochism - dominance and submission, playful punishment as well as pleasure pain or bondage games
Escort agencyMediates women or men who offer their company and certain services for a fee for an agreed period of time
BondageShackles - fixations and bondage games with ropes, chains, handcuffs or ankle cuffs
Call girlsee prostitutes
CBTPenis and testicle torture, is a BDSM variety. Cock and Ball Torture 
Deepthroat (DT)Deepthroat - penis is absorbed entirely in the throat
Lingeriesee: lingerie
DildoSex toy in the form of an erect penis
Dirty talk the use of erotic and direct words before or during intercourse
Domina soft Woman offers sadistic and dominant practices
Dominatrix strict Woman offers sadistic and dominant practices
Double penetration (DP)Double-decker - person is penetrated by two men at the same time
Shower serviceErotic services in or during the shower
Egg lickingSexual stimulation of the testicle with the tongue
EjaculateEjaculation, cumshot
Relaxation massageHolistic massage method using the 5 basic movements: strokes, knocks, chains, vibrations and friction
Erotic massagesGeneric term for a variety of sexually stimulating massages
Escortsee: Escort agency
Facesitting a sexual practice in which one sexual partner sits on the other's face with their genitals and / or buttocks
Fine massagesee: Hand relaxation
fetish The object serves as a stimulus for sexual arousal and satisfaction
FingersSexual stimulation of the vagina or anus with the fingers or hands
Fisting anal Fisting - several fingers up to one hand are inserted into the anus 
Vaginal fisting Fisting - several fingers up to one hand are inserted into the vagina 
Threesomeengl. Threesome, sexual intercourse between three people
Photo shooting Take photos before or during intercourse
French with (FM)Oral intercourse (OV) with rubber, English: blowjob (BJ)
French without (FO)Oral intercourse (OV) without condom, English: blowjob (BJ)
Foot fetish (FJ)sexual preference for feet, English: footjob
Gangbang Pack sex - group sex with many participants
Full body massageHolistic massage of the back, legs, arms, hands, stomach, head and face
Sexual intercourse (GV)Sex, intercourse, making love, banging, shagging, fucking, popping, shagging, nailing, pimping
Facial Injections (CIF)Ejaculation on the partner's face, English: cum in face
Girlfriend Erotica (GFE)also Girlfriend Experience, GF6 or GFS: tender sex like with a partner
GreekSee: anal sex
Hand relaxation Stimulate the penis with the hand until ejaculation, English: handjob
Happy finishor happy ending: service ends with an orgasm
Home callsee: Escort service
high heelsWomen's high heel shoes with a heel height of at least 10 cm
Hobby whoreOccasional prostitutes who do not offer their services on a commercial basis, but on a part-time basis or spontaneously
Testicular massageSexual stimulation of the testicle through massage
Hostessessee: prostitutes
whoresee: prostitutes
Genital piercingPiercing variants in the genital area
Active caviar Gaining pleasure by playing with feces (woman gives)
Caviar passive Gaining pleasure by playing with feces (man gives)
Body syringes (COB)Man ejaculates his semen on the body of the partner, English: cum on body
Lacquer / leather / latex Erotic clothing
LatinaWoman of Latin American descent
Lesbian sex gamesErotic games by 2 or more women
Lingam massageErotic tantra massage in which the penis is the focus
Masturbate predominantly manual stimulation of one's own sexual organs, which usually leads to orgasm
MFIWith financial interests
Oral syringes (MS)Ejaculation in the partner's mouth. Engl: cum in mouth (CIM)
Natural breastsNatural tits
Pee active (NS)Golden Shower (GS) - pleasure gained through oral intake of urine (woman gives), pee on
Passive pee Golden Shower - pleasure gained through oral intake of urine (man gives), pee on
OFIWithout financial interests
Prostate massage Sexual stimulation of the prostate
prostituteWhore, call girl, whore, courtesan, love lady, love servant, love girl, sex worker, hooker, slut, hostess, model, sex worker, slut, masseuse
puffBrothel, brothel
QuickieRapid sexual intercourse for the purpose of quicker satisfaction of urges, usually without foreplay
LingerieGarments that serve to sexually arouse the sexual partner
Role play (RS)Erotic role play - certain roles are taken on and behave accordingly
To swallow Ejaculation in partner's mouth and swallowing
CuddleExchange of caresses as a prelude to sexual intercourse
Slave girl (soft)Passive person who completely submits to their respective partner and gives him absolute obedience
Slave girl (strict)Passive person who completely submits to their respective partner and gives him absolute obedience
Snowballing Sperm kiss - after mouth spraying, sperm collected in the mouth is passed with a kiss with tongue
Spanish Titfuck - Sexual partner's sex organ is rubbed on partner's breasts
Active spanking Hitting - from tender pats and pats to educational games to severe punishment with bondage (woman gives)
Passive spanking Hitting - from tender pats and pats to educational games to severe punishment with bondage (man gives)
Squirting Woman cumshot or female ejaculation - intermittent release of a secretion at the height of the woman's sexual arousal
Strap on active Anal intercourse with a man with a strap-on dildo
stripteaseArt of erotic undressing
TabooSex without taboos, usually understood as unprotected sexual intercourse
Tantra massageMassage and worship ritual in which the whole body is touched and massaged. The massage includes the sensory elements, water, wind, sound, fragrance and possibly taste.
Thai massageTraditional Thai massage techniques consisting of stretching positions, stretching movements, joint mobilizations and pressure point massages
TSTranssexual - People who are physically male but have a female gender identity
TVTransvestite - Transvestism means wearing clothing of the opposite sex as an expression of one's own gender identity. 
Verbal eroticismsee: Dirty Talk
vibratorElectromechanical sex toys
Video shoot Make videos before or during intercourse
Vomit active Vomit games (woman gives)
Vomit passive Vomit games (man gives)
Flat shareWorking girl, see also prostitutes
Access channel active (ZA)Anal licking - the anus is stimulated with the lips and tongue
Passive access channel (ZA)Anal licking - anus is stimulated with lips and tongue
French kissing (ZK)Deep kissing with tongue in partner's mouth

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